Friday, December 17, 2010


So I've recently realized that all women are whores, every single women. To start my argument I would like to start with Holidays. Let's start with Halloween, from a guys perspective this is an awesome excuse to eat a lot of candy maybe slam a few brews. The idea of hooking up with chicks doesn't even come until we realize what they dress like. From a girls perspective, wow I bet I can dress like a slut without anyone looking down on me today! I can't wait to take tons of dick tonight then wake up tomorrow and say "O'well it was Halloween". First off false women we do look down on you it's just in the moment we are to busy either eye fucking you or actually fucking you to tell you. Secondly it doesn't matter if it's Monday, Tuesday, you Birthday or Halloween if your being a slut your a slut. Let's take a look at some other Holidays tho. New Years. Guys, hey let's get together and celebrate the new year, have a good time reminisce about the year. Tell stories shoot some pool or whatever. Kiss a cute girl at midnight! Girls... It's new years, hurray the perfect excuse to be a slut without anyone thinking poorly of me! I hope I can get way more then a kiss tonight! Basically all holidays are the same for women, they just want to be sluts without the repercussions.
        Next on the list is drinking. Drinking in moderation can be okay, let's face it sometimes it leads to some fun as long as you know when to stop and have the right mid set. But let's take a look at how the different genders go about the drinking experience. Bro1- "Hey you bros wanna get together and drink a few beers well we watch the game". Notice here how Bro1 has a great idea, he is planning a fun night with his bro's of watching the game and having a few good laughs, nice job Bro1. Bro2 "Poker night tonight my house, I have a case of natty". Hell ya Bro2 a great idea from a great bro. I bet it will be a night with some great gambling and some great laughs. These are just a few of the ways that bros enjoy some drinking, fun times with friends enjoying yourself and not going over the line. Let's take a look at some real life girls with alcohol... No real names shall be used. Dumb bitch 1 "I'm going to get really drunk and take crooked dick tonight" "Tonight i threw up in a bowl, spilled it on myself and offered every guy at the party head!". Heartless Whore "I've only had a drink or two but i'm going to cheat on my boyfriend with a guy I've been leading on" "Wow this blond kid looks like he loves slutting around... Hey giggly hoe you wanna double team him in the bathroom?" Giggly Hoe, not even going to go into all of these but I will mention one "Wow, this is great my ex and one of my best friends like each other!... Hey kutch you should make out with this kid you just met, DO IT DO IT DO IT". The moral of this story is women don't know how to just have a good time just drinking. There is no such thing as a chill night of girls drinking or them just sipping on a beer. I've never heard of it nor will it because it doesn't exist.
                   The final argument for why women are whores is clothes. Guys when is the last time you have bought a pair of clothes and you thought to yourself "Wow, this is really going to show off my junk" Never and if you had I would appreciate is if you would never post on this blog being as bitches aren't allowed. The point being, damn do women dress slutty. How many times have they and their temptress ways caused you to be late for a class because they were wearing this 
You are speed walking to class trying to get there when this terrific piece of hard work and thousands of years of survival of the fittest gets placed in front of you. A nice break from the normal using of your brain and your imagination. It leaves everything right there, you just shut down you brain and slow down your pace and enjoy your leisurely walk to class. Finally when you arrive at class and have to break away you nearly break your neck and well doing so notice that about 10 other guys have accumulated into the pack of observers. You also realize your classroom was three building back, O'well.
       I mean I'm not complaining... Just look at that ass, damn. But I mean really I'm sorry it's 9 am in the morning you didn't just come from the gym, why are you wearing that? When's the last time you have seen a guy outside of sports practice wearing underarmor around campus? You haven't. Looking at this picture tho make want to just stop this argument. I mean look at her. You temptress whore why do you do this to me. Anyways I just figured I would share why women are all whores. I should send this to my English Professor explaining to him why I was late to class so many times. But really I'm sorry unless your a slut you don't have a reason to wear this, comfort? Why don't I walk around in the summer with by dick and balls hanging out of my short because I enjoy the breeze, I mean if they get to wear that for comfort why not.


  1. I literally almost died when i read the 2nd paragraph, the one about drinking, i was like "he didn't really... wait there he goes... he went there, oh my... no way... hahaha" the giggly hoe part and the spilling of vomit part was priceless! I wonder who you could be talking about...

  2. Wow... did u really have to bring that up...