Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I was walking to the local cafe' in baltimore, across the street from our gas station that was robbed at gunpoint last night, classy right? anyways, So i was walking on the safe streets of baltimore, thinking, wow, its freezing! (I think it was 22 Degrees with 29 MPH winds, so something like -7 Degrees at some points) Now, note, I wasn't wearing a hat, or scarf, because those articles of clothing are for pussies and women, I am neither, So, like a real amurican man, i was walking in jeans, and a jacket, yes a jacket, not a coat, screw winter, I'll show mother nature who's boss, global warming can suck it, and I became a bit chilly. I don't get cold, I don't shiver and I don't bleed, 3 of the things that I just don't do... but, I couldn't help but think, there must be a way to be warmer, and so I starting thinking of all the different things that us, as true amuricans, can use as insulation, these are a few of the materials I thought of:
-Straw, because scarecrows are made of it
-Leather, because you'd kill an animal to get it
-Hides and Furs, Same reason as above
-Paper, we use it for everything else
-Plastic, just because i'd want someone to ask me "paper or plastic?" when looking at my jacket
-Human hair, this is what beards are for!
-Denim, everyone loves jeans
-Kashmir, great song, and feels awesome
-Cotton, we didn't have slaves for no reason, that stuff is great
-Snow, yes snow, as cold as it is, igloos are the best, not to mention, snow is fluffy and absorbs impact, needless to say, ice is not a good insulator, trust me
-Fiber glass, i figure that since carpenters use it, it must be good, plus Jesus was a carpenter
-Wood, try and tell me that a nice hickory doesn't just make you warm thinking about it

Anyways... These were just the thoughts I had while walking down the streets of B'More, as we call it here at Loyola

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  1. Idk I personally like to just find me a big and thick girl and snuggle up with her. I mean nothing says insulation like a fat girl.